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Energy Save siltumsukņi

Customized product solutions for commercial buildings based on Energy Save heat pumps.

Energy Save equipment is compatible with all types of additional heating sources, such as district heating, electricity, gas or various types of solid fuels.

Plug In modulis Siltumsūknis

Plug-In modules

Energy save LCS
EcoStation siltumsūknis

ES EcoStation

Nordflex siltumsuknis

ES Nordflex

HeatStar siltumsūknis

ES HeatStar DX

NordFlex+ sistēma

Plug-In modules:

Plug-In modules are innovative, flexible and complete - a custom-made, collapsible power module available in three different product versions. Stable industrial quality is guaranteed by series production in the factory. Suitable for short-term and basic use during the construction phase, the solution provides cheap and environmentally friendly heating and easy installation.

ES EcoStation:

The EcoStation is essentially the same product as the EU HeatBox Hydro and the EU HeatBox Air.
When these modules are adapted to match the existing environment and are designed for continuous use, it is called the EcoStation. The solution is as useful for combining with historic buildings as it is with innovative new architecture. And should be visually consistent with the environment.

ES Heat Star DX:

HeatStar DX is a modular heat pump system for energy efficient cooling and heating used in ventilation systems. It is designed to create climate control in ventilation systems and is based on standard NordFlex components.

ES Nordflex:

ES NordFlex is a modular heat pump system for heating, hot water and cooling designed for medium-sized properties.

NordFlex is an efficient and safe heating system that offers maximum energy efficiency. The system is suitable for upgrading your existing heating system or as a new and primary heating source.

ES HeatBox Hydro:

EU HeatBox Hydro is a unique solution, as it can supply heat and hot water to the construction site throughout the construction phase and, if you wish, remain the primary heating system of the property / facility. With all the environmental and economic benefits at all stages.

ES AW30, 45 & 90 kW:
ES AW 30, 45 & 90 kW monobloka siltumsūkņi,  Paredzēti komerciāliem un siltumietilpīgiem objektiem. Iespēja saslēgt kaskādes slēgumā ar vienu vadības moduli. Kas regulē ciklisku iekārtu atkausēšanos, vienādu stundu darbības laiku un citas paredzētas lietas kas nepieciešams kaskādes slēgumam. 

Energy Save solution catalog

Komericāls katalogs
Plug and Play siltumsuknis
Energy save LCS Latvia
Nordflex sistēma

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