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Refrigerants (Freons)

sale of refrigerants

Refrigerant sell, freons, aukstuma aģenti, refrigerants

We offer to buy refrigerants like: 

● R404A (GWP: 3922) - Refrigerant HFC, cyl./tank 10/710 kg,

● R134a (GWP: 1430) - Refrigerant HFC, cyl./tank 12/790 kg

● R410A (GWP: 2088) - Refrigerant HFC, cyl./tank 10/720 kg

● R407C (GWP: 1774) - Refrigerant HFC, cyl./tank 10/825 kg

● R1234yf (GWP: 4)

● R290 (GWP: 3)

● R32 (GWP: 675)

● R407F (GWP: 1825)

● R448A (GWP: 1387)

(refrigerant gas - sale )

Prices and availability, on request:


The use of greenhouse gases (hydrofluorocarbons) with a GWP> 2500 for the maintenance or servicing of refrigeration equipment with a CO2 equivalent of 40t or more shall be prohibited from 1 January 2020.

Here you will find a more detailed description of the F-GAS Regulation and an operational scenario,
what you need to do after 2020 when the regulation becomes operational.
What you need to know to continue using R404A and other refrigerants with GWP above 2500 units.

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