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Innovative district cooling systems.

Green World

We offer innovative thermal management technologies and advanced cooling equipment (chillers) for users with high requirements.

For hotels, office buildings, data centers, processing plants and other types of premises, where reliability and energy efficiency are the most important factors.

The equipment we offer works using refrigerants (freons) that are low or very low

GWP (Global Warming Potential).


R433A (PROPÆNE), CO2 (R744), Ammonia - NH3 (R717), R1234ze, R1234yf, R513A, R454C, R452B, CO2, R134a, R515b, R290, R407C, R410, etc.

● Free-Cooling chillers with Free-Cooling option

● Air-Cooled chillers

● Water-Cooled chillers

● Precision air conditioning - for data centers and server rooms (IT / Data center coling)

● Data center cooling, cooling solutions

● NH3 (ammonia) refrigeration and refrigeration supply compressor stations (from 75kW to 1000kW)

● NH3 ammonia chillers

● R290 chillers (Propane chillers) / Ecological propane chillers

● Ice Rink chiller

● CO2 chillers (R744)

● R290, R744, R134a, R513A, R410A freon equipment

Equipment manufacturers we represent:

KALTRA čilleri
SCM Frigo čilleri
SCM Ref iekārtas

Contact us for prices and questions.

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