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CO2 refrigeration and refrigeration equipment

CO2 cooling:
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CO2 is the cleanest and most energy-efficient refrigeration appliance on the market and is set to become the industry leader in the coming years. Discover everything about using CO2 as a coolant gas.

BEIJER REF - Līderis CO2 saldēšanas un aukstuma risinājumu piegādē.

CO2 (R744) is a climate-friendly natural coolant. It has excellent heat transfer properties and high-volume cooling capacity, and can therefore be used in many different heating and cooling applications.

CO2 as a refrigerant is beneficial to use in small, medium and large facilities.


Due to the efficiency of the refrigerant (R744) and continuous technical development, the energy consumption of the systems in which it is used is often lower than that of the alternatives. Lower energy consumption reduces system operating costs, especially energy costs.

Technological advantage: R744 is up to 37.1% more efficient than R404A refrigerant.


BEIJER REF and its component equipment manufacturer SCM Frigo, a world leader in CO2 equipment, have already supplied more than 2,303 CO2 equipment to its customers. Including several dozen devices in the Baltic States and Latvia.


BEIJER REF Latvia technical specialists will offer the best and most efficient equipment solution for your needs.


● CO2 refrigeration units

● CO2 cooling equipment

● CO2 chillers

● CO2 shock freezing


SCM Frigo co2 unit
Cubo condensing unit co2

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