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Replacement of centralized gas heating systems with CO2 heat pumps.

Green and nature-friendly heating solution - CO2 air-water heat pumps that can replace centralized gas heating systems. And to supplement biomass heating boiler houses, diversifying risks and costs.

Fenagy A/S offers CO2 heat pumps with a capacity of 300 to 2000 kW. They can be connected in a cascade to obtain even more power - even 7MW and more.

They are able to provide a central heating hot water supply temperature of up to 70°C, which makes these devices suitable to replace gas or other fossil fuel boilers and reduce CO2 emissions.

Heat pump heater - sound level only ~ 40 (10 m).


H1200-AW unit with a capacity of 1200kW to supply 1MW of heat with a temperature of 70°C at an outside air temperature of +5°C - will consume 298 kW of electricity .

Assuming that the fixed electricity tariff is 0.20Eur/kwh (With VAT and ST transfer), then to receive 1MW of heat, it costs 59.60 Eur.

At an outdoor temperature of -10°C, the device will consume 395kW - so to produce 1MW of heat, it will cost - 79.00Eur.

If the electricity tariff is even lower, the heating costs per MW are even lower.

The devices are easy and quick to install. Their delivery time is relatively short compared to a biomass boiler for the house.

They do not require a lot of space and do not create any emissions compared to other types of heating - gas, biomass and coal.

1.2MW heating system with storage tank to store hot water when the price of electricity is the cheapest on the exchange.

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